Looking back, I see so many places where God showed up in my spiritual journey. In situations of worship and celebration at summer camp, God met me there. In situations of loneliness and desperation like when I didn’t get accepted to my dream college or when I was unemployed, God met me there too.

Throughout the good and the bad, God showed up. Sometimes I noticed God’s presence in the middle of my experience; sometimes I didn’t see it until years later. But God was there all along – loving me, hearing me. As the psalmist says, God “didn’t withhold his faithful love from me.”

Sometimes we see God in the present, but often we see God when we look back and notice how God has faithfully loved us throughout our lives. Look back over your life for a moment today. What times have you noticed God’s faithful love? Where can you recognize God’s help?


“Listening God, thank you for hearing the prayers of my heart, for walking beside me even when I do not notice. Thank you for not withholding your faithful love from me and for giving me grace upon grace to recognize you. Help me to see you in my story.” -Amen.