Stop! Listen. Can you hear it?
God is calling you.
Probably not by words in your ear
or by writing in a letter
or by signs seen by your eyes –
Instead, God calls to you
through the rhythm of your life,
through the love of people who support you,
through the opportunities to share grace that surround you.
Stop! Listen.
God’s voice is calling you to love and serve!


Oh, I must find rest in God only, because my hope comes from him! Only God is my rock and my salvation— my stronghold!—I will not be shaken. My deliverance and glory depend on God. God is my strong rock. My refuge is in God. All you people: Trust in him at all times! Pour out your hearts before him! God is our refuge! Selah

Psalm 62:5-8


At the beginning of the pandemic, I got so much done. I finished to-do lists, re-imagined ministry practices with my church, painted murals, and read an entire row of my bookshelf. I felt so accomplished.

Then I broke my leg. Badly. Suddenly, I found myself staring down about twelve months of recovery, but first, about twelve weeks of doing Nothing. But. Resting. I struggled, feeling useless and lacking in purpose with all my unoccupied time. That is, until I realized how hard my body was working to heal itself, even when I sat in silence, even when I believed I was “doing nothing.”

Have you ever felt lazy for resting? We often measure ourselves by how much we do; but God created rest to provide space for healing, rejuvenation, and hope. Just as we are called to serve, God also calls us to rest. Whatever that looks like for you, make space for yourself to simply rest in God’s presence, trusting God and allowing yourself to be renewed in your purpose as a Christ-follower.

Jessica Tidwell-Weinzierl


God who rested, just as you call me to serve others in your name, you also call me to rest in your presence. Help to calm my mind and my body, so that I can truly find rest, healing, and hope without distraction or anxiety. Amen.